Know Why Should You Have An Instagram Printer At You Gala D-Day

Nowadays we often come across the photo booths- whether it is a wedding, graduation party or arranging an event at a restaurant or your favourite spot. Now think about having a photo booth taking photos and printing them simultaneously. Yes, it is possible today at our Pixie Photo Booth and enjoy the on-spot printing.

With our Instagram printer inside, you will not only be able to share your whereabouts but will also get the chance to get prints of the pictures with hashtags. The best part of having Instagram printing is you can include it in any type of photobooth. Well, in this content you will get a few convincing reasons why you should have it for your next party.

  • Keep memories close to your heart: Everyone loves good photos, especially photos that bear the liveliness of cherishing moments. Our wedding party photo booth for hire in Sydney can appear as a bang at the moment by printing images in real-time. Just think who wouldn’t like posing and clicking some good shots just after getting ready to walk down the aisle? Most events these days prefer using a unique hashtag for a particular event. So, all you can do is snap a groufie with your friends, attach specific hashtag and collect all those photos from the collection point.
  • Avoid those nagging lines: When the excitement is high to take snaps in the photo booth, you may find dozens of people are lining up to use it. The entire “gung-ho” about getting the best photo booth prints will end up with a long queue that may not give a few people the chance to take the snaps.

Now, you can avoid these long queue by including the Instagram printer with our photo booth for hire in Sydney. As every one of us has smartphone and Instagram account as well, there comes no point to cause buildup in front of the photo booth. And it would give guests the freedom to mingle instead of waiting for their turn to take snaps.

  • Better social reach: The interesting part about Instagram and hashtags is one can track the social reach by others participating in the event. Due to using the event hashtag while sharing photos over the social media platform, you can see photos clicked by others using the same hashtag. And the organiser of your event or you as a host can get the social statistics at the end.
  • Provide your guests with keepsakes: Your guests will remember your event when they will reach home with branded Polaroid-style shots. The printouts can be available along with the personalised messages with broader design options, unlimited prints, and they can stick some of the memories across the doors, fridge and some most-visible places in a hand-crafted design.

With our innovative look and feel of our photo booth, we offer your guests a fantastic entertainment that can give you the opportunity to click the moments in the most candid and leisurely manner. So, in the end, you will find mixing the innovation with tradition in a professional way.


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